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A Photographic Adventure in los Llanos

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The Eastern Plains, locally known as "Los Llanos", is a big area of the country's surface at the East of the Andean mountains and mostly covered by savanna, gallery forest, cattle ranches and plantations. It is an amazingly biodiverse area that shelters several species of birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and more animal groups.

It is probably the best place in the country to watch and photograph mammals, big and colorful birds and a huge variety of wildlife

In a one day safari expedition is possible to have encounters with several wildlife species such as Spectacled Caiman, Giant Anteater,  Southern Tamandua, Green Anaconda, Orinoco Crocodile, many Capibaras, White-tailed deer and even Pumas and Jaguars.

In terms of birds the area is impressive with great opportunities to photograph a great diversity such as Jabiru, Scarlet Ibis, Savanna Hawk, King Vulture, Wire-tailed Manakin, Burrowing owl, Great horned owl, Hoatzin, Rufous-and-green Kingfisher, Sunbittern, Red capped Cardinal, Pale-headed Jacamar and many more

This tour starts in the city of Bogota, where we take a 45 minutes flight to the city of Yopal in Casanare department, from there we will be picked up by the lodge vehicle and drive for about 5 hours with some stops to take photographs of wildlife that will be encountered on the road.

The natural reserve is quite big, more than 15.000 hectares or 37.000 acres, so we will make daily trips across the savanna, forest and rivers using 4x4 jeeps, boat and also walking in seach for different fauna species.

Besides the outstanding biodiversity the area has a very interesting culture that for sure will impress the visitors.

Inside the big reserve we will make daily excursions on jeep acroos the savanna, on boat along the river and streams and walming through the different trails inside the forest 



Dates 2023: January 3 - 8

                      March 22 - April 3

                      April 10 - 16

Also on request best time: Dec - April

Duration: 6 full days - 7nights 

Group size: Minumum 2 person / Max 6 person

Starts in: Bogota

Finishes in: Bogota

Price: U$1700 per person / Minumum 2 person

It includes local flight from Bogota to Yopal and return, all ground transportation in 4x4 vehicle, 7 nights of accommodartion with all meals with drinks, guiding services, local guide, all activities such as Safari, Boat trip, walks, entrance to bird feeders.

Please get in touch for a detailed itinerary and availability

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