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Welcome, PhotoNatura Colombia is a local company specialized in making birding/wildlife photography trips in the best locations of Colombia, one of the most biodiverse countries.

We are colombian photographers with experience in the tropics and we know that doing nature photography requires different conditions than only watching birds and wildlife, that's why we prepared a set of customized expeditions that will provide you great photo opportunities.


PhotoNatura Colombia is also a nature images producer that recognizes the impact of an image to illustrate people about nature and help to protect our habitat. Because of that, We are constantly documenting the biodiversity of Colombia, in  particular the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta where we are based, in order to demonstrate local communities and visitors the importance of nature preservation.

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Humedad boscosa.jpg

Get in Touch

Sebastian Ballesteros Caro

Owner and Tour Leader PhotoNatura Colombia

470008 Minca, Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

Magdalena, Colombia

Tel: +57 3204992250


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